Your Care Team

  • A journey begins with a one step, and whether you take it on your own, or with assistance, it is a positive move toward your recovery.  Your compassionate, caring patient care team at Dignity Health Rehabilitation Hospital is committed to helping you move well beyond that first step. We will help restore your health, functionality, mobility and independence, and we will prepare you to successfully return to your home, family, work and community.

    Dignity Health's interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation specialists customizes a comprehensive program to meet your needs, goals and expectations. We also offer the support to help you understand your condition, strengths, limitations and possibilities for the future.
    Your treatment team will be led by a physiatrist, a board-certified physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, or, in some cases a neurologist who focuses on disorders of the brain and nervous system.  An internist, as well as other physician specialists, may also be involved in your care as needed.

    Our highly-trained rehabilitation nurses are on duty to care for you 24 hours a day. They will assist you with medications and self-care, and help to reinforce the techniques learned in your therapy sessions.

    Dignity Health's therapists will guide you through a rigorous and comprehensive program of rehabilitation. Your physical therapists (PT) will help you to optimize your muscle control, balance, flexibility and movement, and build strength and endurance.

    Your occupational therapists (OT) will help you regain your skills and strategies needed to perform daily activities, such as dressing and eating, working and driving. They will also evaluate your need for assistive equipment, and help you resolve specific visual or cognitive issues.

    Speech-language pathologists will work with you to improve language, cognition and communication skills, as well as any difficulties with swallowing.

    The rehabilitation process requires plenty of energy. To ensure that your nutritional needs are met, our registered dietitians will prepare an appropriate meal program for you, and may recommend supplements, texture modifications or other adaptations. We can accommodate vegetarian, kosher and other special diets, as needed.